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What the Computerease team offers Naperville businesses?

The Computerease team acts as the IT support partner for your business with proactive IT support and extraordinary service backed by our 100% money back guarantee. Many business owners call us when they’re looking for a better alternative to their current IT guy who won’t return their calls or just can’t fix that nagging technical problem. We answer our phones live 24/7/365 and get you the help you need for your technical problem, when you need it.

Why Choose Us For IT & VoIP Phone Services ?

Are you a Naperville business looking for IT support? The Computerease team provides the following services for small and medium businesses:
⦁ Managed IT Services
⦁ Cybersecurity Solutions
⦁ Data Backup & Recovery
⦁ Network Security
⦁ Cloud Computing
⦁ VoIP Services
⦁ IT Consulting & Implementation
⦁ Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Best-In-Class IT Services

At Computerease, we provide our clients with 24/7 proactive monitoring to ensure there’s no data loss or security issues. Our team is also equipped to help your business transition to the cloud and provide virtualization services. If you already have an in-house IT team, we can assist with any unwanted IT problems that are causing productivity issues. We offer all of these services at a competitive, flat rate that’s consistent and matches your budget.

Over 36 Years of Serving Naperville Small & Medium Businesses

Dennis (Ike) Haislar founded Computerease in 1984 to help business owners incorporate technology into their day-to-day operations to drive productivity. Now, over 35 years later, Ike’s son, Ryan Haislar, is the company President and continues the same mission.

Today’s businesses rely on technology to operate and the Computerease team works tirelessly to make the technology work in a hassle free manner. Business owners in Naperville want to work on running their business and not worry about technology. That’s why they trust the Computerease team to keep their systems running safely and securely.

What Our Clients Say