How Can VOIP Help Your Business Grow?

A Business VOIP Phone

You may have heard of VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Phone Systems by now.  But how can a VOIP system help your Naperville business grow? 

Here are 3 ways that VOIP can help fuel the growth of your organization:

  1.  Allow nationwide talent – If you have cloud based computer systems the only other component needed for a truly to enable a truly nationwide team is VOIP phones.  Since voip phones allow your users to work from anywhere and appear as if they are calling from your “office” you can now find the best talent around the country (or even the world).  Of course this trick only works for those team members whose job can actually be performed remotely. 
  2. Keep you operational in a pandemic – when COVID19 hit, companies suddenly needed to shift their workforce to work from home.  VOIP phone systems were a key component to allow firms to shift their staff to home and still maintain that all important voice communication, even during the pandemic. 
  3.  Allows for ‘limitless’ expansion – unlike traditional phone systems which are regulated to the number of phones that the particular system supports, VOIP is scalable.  If you bought a traditional PBX which supported 15 phones and needed phone number 16 you either had to purchase more expensive hardware and call out a technician to install it, or you had to scrap the entire phone system and purchase a system capable of supporting more phones.  That cost could be enormous.  With VOIP, the size limits are almost endless. 
If you are looking for a Naperville VOIP provider in zip code 60540 or any other zip, just contact Computerease at 312-554-7550.