IT Services For Naperville Small & Medium Businesses

Your business runs on technology and you need a full-service IT services company that can keep you up and running. If you experience ongoing technical problems, you lose time and money. Take a proactive approach to your Naperville IT services with our comprehensive approach to helping your business with all of your technical needs.

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Managed IT Services

The Computerease team delivers managed services for businesses in Naperville and the surrounding community that want a flat rate price and proactive approach to IT support.

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IT Consulting is required for any business that needs an expert to help with their technology plans. Naperville businesses trust us to advise them on the upgrades, moves, plans, migration projects, and business technology strategies to deliver the results they need, on time and on budget.


VoIP Business Phones

Computerease partners with multiple VoIP phone providers to give your business the best phone system with the same quality as a landline, but the flexibility to meet the demands of today’s remote and flexible work environments.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Every Naperville small and medium business needs to have a multi-layered cybersecurity strategy to prevent the many different types of cyber attacks that threaten businesses every day. Computerease has a stack of cybersecurity solutions that address every point of vulnerability for your business, from the could or server to every endpoint.


Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

It’s necessary for every business to plan for the worst and be prepared. The time to plan is NOT during an emergency. Having a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan includes making sure your critical files and company data are routinely backed up in a secure, redundant, and automated manner. When you have a disaster recovery plan you can make sure your business stays up and running, mitigating damages and financial losses as a result.

IT Help Desk

The Computerease team only hires engineers for our helpdesk that are extremely knowledgeable and have amazing customer service skills. When you call into our help desk experiencing a technical problem, our team will help you fix your problem while also having a positive and pleasant conversation.

Email SPAM Filtering

Email phishing attacks are increasing. They are the leading cause of cyber incidents for small and medium businesses. Computerease partners with the most advanced SPAM email filter solution to keep the bad emails out of your inbox, keeping your business protected from these nasty cyberthreats.


Server Support

Your server is the central hub of your network and the backbone of your business. The Computerease team proactively monitors each server to be alerted to any small error or problem and to provide routine server updates and maintenance. You want to prevent all problems with your server, or you will be facing major losses in productivity from downtime.

Desktop Support

Your team relies on their desktops and laptops to do their jobs. If there are regular technical problems, they are not productive and it costs you money. The Computerease team takes care of everything to do with your deskstops and laptops to keep them up and running, updated, and secure.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

The single greatest cyber risk for your business is your employees! Every member of your team is at risk of clicking on a link in a phishing email or downloading a malicious file. Our IT support clients receive free web-based cybersecurity training courses to educate them about the many different types of cyber threats.

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Cloud Solutions & Migrations

Migrating your onsite servers or systems to the cloud has many advantages, but you need to work with a highly qualified team like Computerease to help in the process. There are many different cloud options available our team can handle any project or migration needed.