Protecting Your Business From Phishing

Did you know that the majority of cyber attacks are the direct result of an email related event?  Someone in an organization clicks on a hacker’s email, follows the ‘directions’ (“enter your old password to reset it”) and viola – you are hacked. 

As much as we tend to favor the ‘tecnhnical’ solutions to problems, one of the best solutions here is completely non-technicial.  Training your users not to fall victim to phishing attempts is one of the absolute best ways to reduce your chances of a cyber attack via email. 

The key is simply training staff/employees/users in your organization to recognize a phishing attack (or any other type of email attack) so they know what “NOT” to do.  When they see that “your account will be locked if you don’t immediately reset your password via this link” message they should know to be skeptical.  

Unfortunately, training of computer users isn’t something which can just happen one time.  This training requires constant reinforcement.  Send screenshots to the team when anyone finds a phishing email, have at least yearly training, constantly remind staff of the dangers of email hacking, use a “phish-test” solution from your IT vendor to actually test your users with a harmless phishing email that your management sends out.  

If you have any questions, we are here to help our clients (and prospective clients) in the Naperville area navigate through all of the hurdles of technology in their organizations.